Sascha Peres


This is my personal Piano Series with some compositions of mine I’ve written over the past 3 decades. I will upload one work per week and if you want to play it you can click on the links below and download the music for free!

I’d love to hear your interpretation of it – so record it, upload it or send it to me privately if you want. There are so many great players across the globe – it would be an honour to hear the various takes.

And share the link with other pianist or musicians who you think might like it!

Piano Series – INTRO & Piece No. 1 “Vergangenes – Forgotten Moments”

Download sheet of music: [1] Vergangenes – Forgotten Moments

Piano Series – Piece No. 2 “Hotel Desertes”

Download sheet of music: [2] Hotel Desertes

Piano Series – Piece No. 3 Heldenepos 1910

Download sheet of music: [3] Heldenepos 1910

Piano Series – Piece No. 4 Von der Liebe

Download sheet of music: [4] Von der Liebe

Piano Series – Piece No. 5 A Real Dream

Download sheet of music: [5] A Real Dream